corda / net.corda.core.node / NodeDiagnosticInfo / <init>


NodeDiagnosticInfo(version: String, revision: String, platformVersion: Int, vendor: String, cordapps: List<CordappInfo>)

A NodeDiagnosticInfo holds information about the current node version.


version - The current node version string, e.g. 4.3, 4.4-SNAPSHOT. Note that this string is effectively freeform, and so should only be used for providing diagnostic information. It should not be used to make functionality decisions (the platformVersion is a better fit for this).

revision - The git commit hash this node was built from

platformVersion - The platform version of this node. This number represents a released API version, and should be used to make functionality decisions (e.g. enabling an app feature only if an underlying platform feature exists)

vendor - The vendor of this node

cordapps - A list of CorDapps currently installed on this node