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Package net.corda.core.node



interface AppServiceHub : ServiceHub

A annotated class requires a constructor taking a single parameter of type AppServiceHub. With the AppServiceHub parameter a is able to access to privileged operations. In particular such a can initiate and track flows marked with net.corda.core.flows.StartableByService.


data class NetworkParameters

Network parameters are a set of values that every node participating in the zone needs to agree on and use to correctly interoperate with each other.


data class NodeDiagnosticInfo

A NodeDiagnosticInfo holds information about the current node version.


data class NodeInfo

Information about a network node that acts on behalf of some party. NodeInfos can be found via the network map cache, accessible from a They are also available via RPC using the net.corda.core.messaging.CordaRPCOps.networkMapSnapshot method.


data class NotaryInfo

Data class storing information about notaries available in the network.


interface ServiceHub : ServicesForResolution

A service hub is the starting point for most operations you can do inside the node. You are provided with one when a class annotated with CordaService is constructed, and you have access to one inside flows. Most RPCs simply forward to the services found here after some access checking.


interface ServicesForResolution

Subset of node services that are used for loading transactions from the wire into fully resolved, looked up forms ready for verification.


enum class StatesToRecord

Controls whether the transaction is sent to the vault at all, and if so whether states have to be relevant or not in order to be recorded. Used in ServiceHub.recordTransactions



annotation class AutoAcceptable

Tagging a network parameter with this annotation signifies that any update which modifies the parameter could be accepted without the need for the node operator to run a manual accept command. If the update contains changes for any non-auto-acceptable parameter or the behaviour is switched off via configuration then it will not be auto-accepted



class ZoneVersionTooLowException : CordaRuntimeException

When a Corda feature cannot be used due to the node's compatibility zone not enforcing a high enough minimum platform version.