corda / net.corda.core.cordapp / CordappInfo / <init>


CordappInfo(type: String, name: String, shortName: String, minimumPlatformVersion: Int, targetPlatformVersion: Int, version: String, vendor: String, licence: String, jarHash: SHA256)

A CordappInfo describes a single CorDapp currently installed on the node


type - A description of what sort of CorDapp this is - either a contract, workflow, or a combination.

name - The name of the JAR file that defines the CorDapp

shortName - The name of the CorDapp

minimumPlatformVersion - The minimum platform version the node must be at for the CorDapp to run

targetPlatformVersion - The target platform version this CorDapp has been tested against

version - The version of this CorDapp

vendor - The vendor of this CorDapp

licence - The name of the licence this CorDapp is released under

jarHash - The hash of the JAR file that defines this CorDapp