corda / / NetworkMapCache


interface NetworkMapCache : NetworkMapCacheBase

A network map contains lists of nodes on the network along with information about their identity keys, services they provide and host names or IP addresses where they can be connected to. The cache wraps around a map fetched from an authoritative service, and adds easy lookup of the data stored within it. Generally it would be initialised with a specified network map service, which it fetches data from and then subscribes to updates of.



sealed class MapChange



Look up the node info for a specific party. Will attempt to de-anonymise the party if applicable; if the party is anonymised and the well known party cannot be resolved, it is impossible ot identify the node and therefore this returns null. Notice that when there are more than one node for a given party (in case of distributed services) first service node found will be returned. See also: NetworkMapCache.getNodesByLegalIdentityKey.

abstract fun getNodeByLegalIdentity(party: AbstractParty): NodeInfo?