corda / net.corda.client.jackson / JacksonSupport / createInMemoryMapper


@JvmStatic @JvmOverloads fun createInMemoryMapper(identityService: IdentityService, factory: JsonFactory = JsonFactory(), fuzzyIdentityMatch: Boolean = false, fullParties: Boolean = false): ObjectMapper

Creates a Jackson ObjectMapper that uses an IdentityService directly inside the node to deserialise parties from string names.


fuzzyIdentityMatch - If false, fields mapped to Party objects must be in X.500 name form and precisely match an identity known from the network map. If true, the name is matched more leniently but if the match is ambiguous a JsonParseException is thrown.

fullParties - If true then Party objects will be serialised as JSON objects, with the owning key serialised in addition to the name. For PartyAndCertificate objects the cert path will be included.