corda / net.corda.testing.dsl / LedgerDSLInterpreter


@DoNotImplement interface LedgerDSLInterpreter<out T : TransactionDSLInterpreter> : Verifies, OutputStateLookup

This interface defines the bare bone functionality that a Ledger DSL interpreter should implement.

TODO (Kotlin 1.1): Use type synonyms to make the type params less unwieldy



Creates and adds a transaction to the ledger.

abstract fun _transaction(transactionLabel: String?, transactionBuilder: TransactionBuilder, dsl: T.() -> EnforceVerifyOrFail): WireTransaction


Creates a local scoped copy of the ledger.

abstract fun _tweak(dsl: LedgerDSLInterpreter<T>.() -> Unit): Unit


Creates and adds a transaction to the ledger that will not be verified by verifies.

abstract fun _unverifiedTransaction(transactionLabel: String?, transactionBuilder: TransactionBuilder, dsl: T.() -> Unit): WireTransaction


Adds an attachment to the ledger.

abstract fun attachment(attachment: InputStream): SecureHash



This is the class that defines the syntactic sugar of the ledger Test DSL and delegates to the contained interpreter, and what is actually used in ledger { (...) }. Add convenience functions here, or if you want to extend the DSL functionality then first add your primitive to LedgerDSLInterpreter and then add the convenience defaults/extension methods here.

class LedgerDSL<out T : TransactionDSLInterpreter, out L : LedgerDSLInterpreter<T>> : LedgerDSLInterpreter<TransactionDSLInterpreter>


data class TestLedgerDSLInterpreter : LedgerDSLInterpreter<TestTransactionDSLInterpreter>