corda / net.corda.core.transactions / FilteredTransaction / checkAllComponentsVisible


fun checkAllComponentsVisible(componentGroupEnum: ComponentGroupEnum): Unit

Function that checks if all of the components in a particular group are visible. This functionality is required on non-Validating Notaries to check that all inputs are visible. It might also be applied in Oracles or any other entity requiring Command visibility, but because this method cannot distinguish between related and unrelated to the signer Commands, one should use the checkCommandVisibility method, which is specifically designed for Command visibility purposes. The logic behind this algorithm is that we check that the root of the provided group partialMerkleTree matches with the root of a fullMerkleTree if computed using all visible components. Note that this method is usually called after or before verify, to also ensure that the provided partial Merkle tree corresponds to the correct leaf in the top Merkle tree.


componentGroupEnum - the ComponentGroupEnum that corresponds to the componentGroup for which we require full component visibility.


ComponentVisibilityException - if not all of the components are visible or if the component group is not present in the FilteredTransaction.