corda / net.corda.core.node / ServicesForResolution


@DoNotImplement interface ServicesForResolution

Subset of node services that are used for loading transactions from the wire into fully resolved, looked up forms ready for verification.



Provides access to storage of arbitrary JAR files (which may contain only data, no code).

abstract val attachments: AttachmentStorage


Provides access to anything relating to cordapps including contract attachment resolution and app context

abstract val cordappProvider: CordappProvider


An identity service maintains a directory of parties by their associated distinguished name/public keys and thus supports lookup of a party given its key, or name. The service also manages the certificates linking confidential identities back to the well known identity (i.e. the identity in the network map) of a party.

abstract val identityService: IdentityService


Returns the network parameters the node is operating under.

abstract val networkParameters: NetworkParameters


Provides access to historical network parameters that are used in transaction resolution.

abstract val networkParametersService: NetworkParametersService



Returns the Attachment that defines the given StateRef, which must be in the visible subset of the ledger.

abstract fun loadContractAttachment(stateRef: StateRef): Attachment


Given a StateRef loads the referenced transaction and looks up the specified output ContractState.

abstract fun loadState(stateRef: StateRef): TransactionState<*>


Given a Set of StateRef's loads the referenced transaction and looks up the specified output ContractState.

abstract fun loadStates(stateRefs: Set<StateRef>): Set<StateAndRef<ContractState>>


Provides a callback for the Node to customise the LedgerTransaction.

open fun specialise(ltx: LedgerTransaction): LedgerTransaction



A service hub is the starting point for most operations you can do inside the node. You are provided with one when a class annotated with CordaService is constructed, and you have access to one inside flows. Most RPCs simply forward to the services found here after some access checking.

interface ServiceHub : ServicesForResolution