corda / net.corda.core.crypto / TransactionSignature / verify


fun verify(txId: SecureHash): Boolean

Function to verify a SignableData object's signature. Note that SignableData contains the id of the transaction and extra metadata, such as DLT's platform version. A non-null partialMerkleTree implies multi-transaction signing and the signature is over the root of this tree.


txId - transaction's id (Merkle root), which along with signatureMetadata will be used to construct the SignableData object to be signed.


InvalidKeyException - if the key is invalid.

SignatureException - if this signatureData object is not initialized properly, the passed-in signatureData is improperly encoded or of the wrong type, if this signatureData algorithm is unable to process the input data provided, etc.

IllegalArgumentException - if the signature scheme is not supported for this private key or if any of the clear or signature data is empty.