Interface SigningService

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    public interface SigningService

    Responsible for storing and using private keys to sign things. An implementation of this may, for example, call out to a hardware security module that enforces various auditing and frequency-of-use requirements.

    Corda provides an instance of DigitalSignatureVerificationService to flows via property injection.

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      • findMySigningKeys

        @Suspendable()@NotNull() abstract Map<PublicKey, PublicKey> findMySigningKeys(@NotNull() Set<PublicKey> keys)

        Looks into a set of signing keys to find keys owned by the caller. In case of CompositeKey it looks into the composite key leaves and returns the firstly found owned composite key leaf.

        keys - The signing keys to look into.

        A mapping that maps the requested signing key:

        • to the same key if it is owned by the caller in case the requested signing key is a plain key
        • to the firstly found composite key leaf to be owned by the caller, of the composite key's leaves (children) in case the requested signing key is a composite key
        • to null if the requested key is not owned by the caller