corda / / CashIssueFlow / <init>


CashIssueFlow(amount: Amount<Currency>, issuerBankPartyRef: OpaqueBytes, notary: Party)
CashIssueFlow(request: IssueRequest) CashIssueFlow(amount: Amount<Currency>, issuerBankPartyRef: OpaqueBytes, notary: Party, progressTracker: ProgressTracker)

Initiates a flow that self-issues cash (which should then be sent to recipient(s) using a payment transaction).

We issue cash only to ourselves so that all KYC/AML checks on payments are enforced consistently, rather than risk checks for issuance and payments differing. Outside of test scenarios it would be extremely unusual to issue cash and immediately transfer it, so impact of this limitation is considered minimal.


amount - the amount of currency to issue.

issuerBankPartyRef - a reference to put on the issued currency.

notary - the notary to set on the output states.